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Guided Meditation Tomorrow Night – Donation Based

Wanted to pass along the following event which was just submitted to the Annapolis Yoga Calendar… Donations Only! Join Julie Blamphin (tomorrow) 3/22 at 5:30pm for a 30-45 minute guided meditation in the SYS Zen Room at 315 Chester Avenue Annapolis. Call/email/text to reserve your spot. Contact: Julie Blamphin Email: Phone: 443.370.4162 More Info: Location Details SYS Zen Room 315 Chester Avenue Annapolis MD 21403...

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Shakti Studio adds Four New Yoga Workshops

Shakti Studio has just added the following four workshops to the… Asana And Beyond mini 6-week Workshop series – Starting Sundays 6PM-7:30PM Dive deeper into your yoga: this is for those who are interested in deepening their understanding of yoga not just physically but mentally and spiritually.  Includes the philosophy and psychology behind the ancient practice and weaving it into your world as a modern day yogi.  Must pre-register even if you are  planning on a drop in.  $90.00 entire series, $15.00 drop-in Yoga for Anxiety – Thursday nights at 6:30PM Anxiety is normal and needed but not all the time.  We will learn about the nervous system and it’s role in bringing homeostasis back to our mind and body using yoga’s many beneficial practices.  Must pre-register even if dropping in $90.00 6 week series; $15.00 drop-in. Yoga and the Pelvic Floor – May 19th 1-4PM The health of the pelvic floor is very important for supporting the organs and structure of the torso.  In this workshop we will explore the anatomy, function, and dysfunction along with learning ways to relax and strengthen this vital area.  Appropriate for all women, regardless of an existing issue or not.  Must pre-register $35.00  $40.00/door Ayurveda 101: Know your Dosha – April 22nd, 1-4PM In this workshop we will explore the 3 Dosha’s (Vata, Pitta, Kapha) ~ what they are, why it’s...

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