Just got word today that The Capital’s “Deal of the Day” for tomorrow (Wed) will be for two free classes (July 20th – July 27th) at Shakti Studio, located on the Broadneck Peninsula.

Shakti typically has smaller class sizes than many other studios,  so their  instructors offer great  individual attention and help for students with questions or injuries.  In case you haven’t been there before, they are located about 2 minutes from Bay Hills and are very convenient for yoga students in the Annapolis, Arnold and Severna Park area.

If you pickup the deal and aren’t sure where to start, I’ve taken classes with Sue, Chris K., Gabriella and Gretchen and recommend them all highly…

  • If you’re a beginner or have past injuries, Sue’s Gentle Yoga class or Chris K.’s Beginner and More Yoga might be a good place to start, although due to the class sizes, just about all the classes there are very beginner friendly.
  • If you prefer flow yoga, Gabriella teaches a wonderful flow class Tuesday nights.
  • If you’re looking for a class to try this weekend, I’ve heard very good things about the All Levels class taught by Joan on Saturdays and am pretty sure the Sunday All Levels – teacher rotation class is rotated between Sue, Chris K. and Gretchen.

I think the deal is only available in print, so if you read the Capital online (like I do), you might want to pickup a print issue or ask a friend for a copy of the classified section.

Interested in Annapolis Yoga events,  free and discounted yoga studio offers and first hand local Yoga class write-ups and recommendations?

Thanks and Namaste.