Just took a new yoga class called Yoga for Strength at Shakti Studio.   The class was tought by Sue Schmitt (the owner of the studio).   It was a traditional yoga class, but with an emphasis on building strength and working individually with each student to improve alignment and form.   We used a combination of small weighted balls, yoga blankets and straps to support key areas of the body and better improve strength in different core areas.

Since I have some past injuries, Sue was able to recommend a few small changes, which immediately eliminated the back and neck pain that I usually experience in a number of poses.   Pretty amazing for me, since I have been doing many of these poses on a regular basis, and now know a few small modifications, very unique to my body that eliminate the pain I was experiencing.

All in all a great class, challenging throughout, but since it’s a ninety minute class, there was plenty of time for a nice long shavasana to bring the practice back inwards and provide some time for the body to rest.

Class info: Yoga for Strength
Instructor: Sue Schmitt
Day/Time: Monday’s from 12:30-2
Studio: Shakti Studio, located on the Broadneck Peninsula between Bay Hills and Cape Saint Claire.  The address is 530 E. College Parkway, Suite E Annapolis, MD 21409, but the site recommends against using a GPS to find, and has a directions page here.
Drop-in fee for non members: $15 (multisession discounted cards also available)

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