Denise Traynor is now teaching a ‘Yoga for School Teachers’ class in Annapolis.   I was chatting with Denise via e-mail and think she really described it best…

What I see in my students all of them and especially Wednesday’s class, is the “clearing of the mind” when the body has practiced yoga.  The practice is truly about letting go and starting “fresh”–so those that are tired, stressed, and carrying around alot in their head–they can come into class and simply let go of all that and start again.  I think a few school teachers have actually said that they get more done in the evenings because what they normally did was go home and veg out but now there is “room” and energy in their evenings.

The class is on Wednesday’s from 4:05 – 5:05PM at Ridgely Retreat. Here’s a link to the class flyewith more information.   Please consider passing along to any teachers who practice Yoga or might be interested in trying Yoga to experience some of the benefits described.

Interested in more Annapolis Yoga events and free/discounted classes offered by local Yoga studios?

Thanks and Namaste.