Just read the following article in today’s Washington Post, Yoga for cancer patients and their caregivers (by Vicky Hallett)

I originally noticed the article as it mentioned yoga as a component of many area cancer programs, including the Welness House in Annapolis, but what really caught my eye were some of the shocking caregiver quotes and figures…

“It’s not infrequent for caregivers to die before the person they’re caring for,” says Helen Lavretsky, a geriatric psychiatrist at UCLA. The 39 participants were caring for family members with dementia — not cancer — but the stats are still stunning.   Just 20 minutes of a home yoga practice every day for eight weeks significantly reduced their stress levels and improved their quality of life and cognitive abilities.

Please share or talk with any loved ones that might benefit from this information.  Perhaps the caregiver figures cited in this article can provide a starting point for a conversation about helping caregiver find new ways (yoga or non-yoga) to reduce some of the stress from the incredible demands placed on them.


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Thanks and Namaste.

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