Excited to be offering weekly mini-retreats at 411 Ferry Point…

Waterfront Yoga Miniretreats with Barry Brooks 

Daytime Yoga I Miniretreat  – Monday mornings at 9:30AM

This beginner-friendly open level yoga class / mini-retreat features a small class size and personalized instruction set in a beautiful private waterfront home yoga studio. Active gentle hands on pose assists, on request. Start your morning with this 75 minute yoga class to help clear the mind, tone and strengthen the body, increase your flexibility and improve balance. Each class ends with guided relaxation and blissful Savasana.

Sunset Mind/Body Vinyasa Miniretreats  –
Specially scheduled Tuesday nights at 6:30PM

This active 75 minute class blends Hatha and Vinyasa (flow) styles of yoga to help clear the mind, tone and strengthen the body and help you de-stress for the day ahead.  Class starts with mind and body warmups to help relieve tension and prepare for the active Vinyasa (flow) portion of class.  Invigorating Vinyasa flow with numerous modifications to challenge different levels of practitioners.  Each class ends with guided relaxation and blissful Savasana.

Held at 411 Ferry Point – Private waterfront home yoga studio & retreat in Annapolis. Enjoy a complimentary cup of tea afterwards and get to know your fellow yogis.  

50% discount for new students – reduced rate of $10 for one class, $25 for 3-class card.

To request an invitation, e-mail barry@annapolisyoga.me to receive an invitation with additional information and directions.

Class Information, Questions and Answers 

1. Do I need to bring anything special to class?

All yoga props (blankets, blocks, etc.) are provided as are a number of Yoga mats for those who may not have a mat.

2. I’m not sure which of the the two classes I should try

The Wednesday class will be an active Vinyasa class, in which we ‘flow’ from one pose to another.  It will have modifications and be suitable for all levels, however if you are newer to yoga or prefer a gentler class,  you may to start with the Monday class.

Monday’s class will be taught at a slower pace and be geared towards beginners and those looking for specific assistance in improving the form of individual asanas (poses).

3.  I’ve only done yoga at home or shorter classes at the gym.  

A  lot of people can be  intimidated when they see a class goes longer than an hour.  Most people are surprised to learn than 75 minute (and even 90 minute) classes usually aren’t harder than condensed one hour classes since they build in time to warm up the body and properly cool down and relax the body (and mind) at the end of class.

4. I’m not too flexible

Don’t worry, most people aren’t at first.  That’s what the blocks, blankets and modifications are for.   One of the benefits of yoga is becoming more flexible over time while enjoying yoga’s health benefits.  Benefits which include toning and strengthening the body, reducing stress, increasing energy and improving balance and concentration.


To request an invitation, e-mail barry@annapolisyoga.me or FB message AnnapolisYoga  to receive an invitation with additional information and directions.