Sunday October 21 – Therapeutic Workshop with Lucy Lomax – 1-4PM at Shakti Studio

Lucy has an amazing knowledge of yoga and the human body and teaches a really fun and personalized workshop. I’ll never forget my first workshop with Lucy. She took one look at my form and alignment and had some very specific suggestions – like ‘this is your new child’s pose’ when she saw what one of my favorite resting variations was doing to my neck. Funny thing was that she couldn’t be more right, and I now use my new variation in all classes I take – and no longer have neck pain from the pose. She also gave me great advice that changed the way I do every pose involving lifting the neck.

Since then I’ve taken many classes with her and was lucky enough to apprentice with her as part of my teacher training.  She has been incredibly helpful in working with me to modify my form to help me recover from a number of past physical injuries.

Lucy can be contacted at: