Dana Opalinsky is teaching two new classes at Big Vanilla in Pasadena.  The first one is a Yoga Fundamentals class – designed for the Yoga novice. I’ve taken this class before with Dana at a studio and she does a really nice job with it.  All in all a great class if you are a beginner looking to get involved with yoga.

What caught my eye about the class, is that children ages 10 and up are allowed with parent – which I think is pretty unusual for most Yoga classes.

If anyone knows of any other classes that allow parents and kids to practice together, please post a comment – either here on the Annapolis Yoga blog or on the Annapolis Yoga Facebook wall. Thanks.

Here’s the description of Dana’s two new classes:

Yoga Fundamentals (Sat 9:30 – 10:30) at Big Vanilla, Pasadena
Yoga Fundamentals is designed for the yoga novice. Learn basic poses, breathing and relaxation. This class is also great for the experienced yogi! Provides students with a solid foundation on which to build their yoga practice. Children ages 10 and up may participate if with parent.

All Levels Vinyasa Class (Sat 8:30 – 9:30) at Big Vanilla, Pasadena

Dana is a recent graduate of Golden Heart Yoga’s training program (200 hour immersion program), so if you are a Bg Vanilla member, it’s a good chance to take a class with a traditionally trained, fun and enthusiastic instructor.

Interested in more Annapolis Yoga events and free/discounted classes offered by local Yoga studios?

Thanks and Namaste.