New Years is one of the few times of the year when many look inward, take stock and make resolutions (intentions) on how they would like to improve things for the upcoming year.   If you are looking to get out and do some yoga on New Year’s day, two local studios are offering special classes incorporating Yoga Nidra – a powerful guided meditation focusing on setting and manifesting your sankalpa (intention) for the upcoming year.

Wishing you a joyous and peaceful  New Year.




Ridgely Retreat: 10AM – 11:30AM with Kater Leatherman and Aimee Seal
(Call 443-433-0462 for details.  Dropins welcome)

45 minute gentle yoga practice to stretch the body followed by a 45 minute guided yoga nidra meditation to breathe deeply, restore and relax the body, calm the mind and focus on creating and manifesting your sankalpa (intention) for 2015.  Kater Leatherman will be leading the yoga practice in preparation for Aimee Seal’s guidance through the visualization and meditation part .   Please dress in layers and wear comfortable clothing as we create a sanctuary for you to relax and restore to a balanced state of renewal and peace.

Evolutions – 11AM  Yin Yang Yoga Nidra Class with Tina Lanzoni
(Registration required – call Evolutions to register at 410-224-7220)

45 minutes of vinyasa flow followed by 15 minutes of yin postures finishing with 15 minutes of yoga nidra.  Here’s a brief excerpt from a class e-mail I just received from Tina which really does a beautiful job of describing the possibilities…

I love this time of year, after the mad rush of the holidays there is a beautiful stillness that allows for reflection before the new year begins. It seems every year my intention is to dive in deeper spiritually in some way. Whether that be committing more to my daily practice, studying the ancient teachings,or taking more yoga classes, it just feels good to reinforce a deepening that allows me to grow and gain some clarity in this human condition.  That being said, I wanted to let you know, that I will be teaching a Yin Yang Yoga Nidra Class on New Years Day at 11am.

If you are coming, I am hoping you can spend a little time being reflective before the class on Thursday. I would like you to work with an intention(known as a sankalpa) for the practice and for your life.  When I think of my sankalpa, I think of something that gives me a reason to get out of bed in the morning, an impact I want to make on the world. Sounds lofty, but we are all here to do great things.So it’s an intention on why you are here at this time in life and what is your contribution.

Second, think about a belief you have about yourself. Maybe something you have been told your entire life that you believe to be true about yourself. If you can develop these two things before class on Thursday the practice of Yoga Nidra will be that much deeper. On another note, if you have never done this practice, no worries. I will guide you through it. It is done lying down and can be a very relaxing insightful practice.