Personalized Yoga Instruction with Barry Brooks, RYT

Group Class Schedule

Summer Schedule update:  I’ll be teaching a number of sunset outdoor yoga classes – overlooking the Severn River in Annapolis and am available for private and semi-private home group classes, schedule permitting.   Please e-mail me for additional information.  Namaste!


Class Descriptions

Yoga I  / Sunday Afternoon Yoga [resumes September]

This 75 minute Level I class features  personalized instruction set in the Ridgely Retreat’s beautiful Treehouse Studio in West Annapolis . Active gentle hands on pose assists, on request.   De-stress and clear your mind, tone and strengthen the body, increase your flexibility and improve balance.  Each class ends with guided relaxation and blissful Savasana.  Mats and props provided.

Yoga Nidra [resumes September]

Yoga Nidra is a wonderful practice  is  intended to induce a profound full-body relaxation and a deep meditative state of consciousness.  Benefits of Yoga Nidra are numerous, greatly reducing stress, quieting the overactive mind, promoting restful sleep and better healing.  Best of all, it does not require any previous yoga or meditation experience and is a wonderful practice for anyone interested in stress relief or meditation in an easy to follow guided setting.

This  60  minute class starts with a number of tension relieving exercises, designed to physically relax the body, release tension from common problem areas such as the neck, shoulders and back and prepare the body for the Yoga Nidra practice.

3-class Beginner Series (to be announced)

Interested in trying Yoga, but not sure where to start?  Get properly introduced from the start in this new series designed for beginner yoga students.

This 3-class beginner series will gradually introduce you a a variety of beginner level yoga poses, with special focus on how to use props and stay safe through proper alignment.  More info…



Class Information, Questions and Answers 

1. Do I need to bring anything special to class?

All yoga props (blankets, blocks, etc.) are provided as are a number of Yoga mats for those who may not have a mat.

2.  I’ve only done yoga at home or shorter classes at the gym.  

A  lot of people can be  intimidated when they see a class goes longer than an hour.  Most people are surprised to learn than 75 minute (and even 90 minute) classes usually aren’t harder than condensed one hour classes since they build in time to warm up the body and properly cool down and relax the body (and mind) at the end of class.

3. I’m not too flexible

Don’t worry, most people aren’t at first.  That’s what the blocks, blankets and modifications are for.   One of the benefits of yoga is becoming more flexible over time while enjoying yoga’s health benefits.  Benefits which include toning and strengthening the body, reducing stress, increasing energy and improving balance and concentration.

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