Annapolis Yoga Calendar Screenshot

Just added a new Annapolis Yoga Calendar page to this site (and the Annapolis Yoga Facebook Page) to make it easier to find and participate in the many free and discounted yoga classes and special workshops offered each week by local Annapolis Yoga studios.   Since this is a brand new feature, any comments or suggestions are most appreciated and will be used to improve future versions of the calendar.

If you are a Yoga Studio or Instructor or know of a yoga event that might be of interest to the Annapolis Yoga community, please feel free to use the ‘Suggest a Yoga Event’ link located at the bottom of the calendar.

If you find this resource helpful, please consider sharing this calendar with any like minded friends or linking to us from your web site or blog.

Thanks and Namaste.




Interested in more Annapolis Yoga events and free/discounted classes offered by local Yoga studios?