Golden Heart Yoga in Annapolis is running a January Special – $50 for Unlimited Yoga Classes.   This is a great deal considering that their normal unlimited pass costs $185 (they also offer drop-ins, class cards and single class registrations) and that they have 25 Yoga classes a week, morning noon and night with some of the best instructors in the area.

Although, I take classes at most of the Annapolis area studios, I usually end up taking at least two classes a week at Golden Heart.  If you decide to get the pass and aren’t sure where to start, here are a few of the teachers and classes I know first hand…

Renee (teaches Tuesday nights) – One of my favorite classes – it’s a Yoga I class but very well suited for beginner or intermediate level students. She typically has a smaller class size and is an amazing instructor. Renee makes it fun to improve  poses that I’ve been doing for years by working with each student individually to improve form.  If you usually do more active flow or vinyasa classes, it could be a nice complement since improving each specific pose makes these classes a easier and can prevent injuries. Another reason I like this class – not sure how she does it, but I always seem to get my best night’s sleep after this class.

Joan (teaches Thursday nights) – Another one of my favorite classes – a fun active class with some really unique twists. Joan is a big fan of using props – especially tennis balls to open up different areas of the body and teaches an amazing, challenging class. Her class is usually one of the more popular ones – and with good reason. She’s a great instructor and teaches a a great class.

Aimee (teaches Wednesday and Thursdays) – Another one of my favorites – Aimee uses a lot of the same props as Joan (they trained together) and teaches a great class.  Sometimes she includes a short candle meditation at the end of her classes which is really unique.  All in all a very enjoyable class which I try to take whenever possible.

Dana (teaches Monday and Wednesday) – I don’t get to take her class as often as I would like but always enjoy the class (and Dana’s sense of humor) when I do.  If you are brand new to Yoga, she teaches a great Yoga Fundamentals class Wednesday nights)

If it’s your first time taking Yoga and you have any injuries, be sure to mention it to your instructor so they can suggest modifications.  If you have a lot of injuries, you might want to try Diana’s Therapeutic Yoga Class on Sunday.   One of the things I was really impressed with is that Diana hands out illustrations of many of her classes, so students can review poses on their own at home.

I haven’t gotten to take one of her classes yet (she was in India studying more Yoga when I had my unlimited pass in August), but Elizabeth (the studio owner) teaches some really active, more advanced classes including Vinyassa and Kundalini on weekends as well as meditation and has quite a following.

Thanks and Namaste.

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